About payment and shipping


■ You can pay by credit card.
It will be settled at the time of purchase.
*There is no handling charge.
*You will move to another website dedicated to the settlement.

Shipping fee

The following amount will be charged for one shipping.
- EMS shipping fee according to weight
- Overseas shipping fee


[All about the international shipping]
※Your order from USA site will be only shipped USA domestic.
It will be error if your address is not belong to USA.

Overseas delivery fee:ALL1,000yen+EMS Postage

Import duties, taxes and other fees

The recipient is recorded as imports,and you must comply with all laws and regulations in the country of delivery.
•Overseas orders of users, there may be a charge of the country's distribution of the input tax, customs and procedures, etc..
• In the case of overseas distribution, you will pay the import duties, customs duties, and handling charges for the goods to be imported from abroad.
• Additional charges for customs clearance will be paid by you. Our site can NOT predict or modify the amount.

Notice: Declaration of the conditions under the different countries will have a great difference, please consult the details of your recent customs department. In addition, according to the customs clearance procedures, your scheduled arrival date is likely to be delayed, please forgive me.